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What We Do

Here at Seasons Financial Advisors we take a holistic, goals-based approach to financial planning. Based
on your risk/return objectives we will help you develop investment goals and how best to meet them.
Based on your goals we will develop a long-term strategic asset allocation comprised of Individual stock,
mutual funds, and insurance products when necessary. We then carve out a portion of your portfolio
that is tactical, with the flexibility to shift with the ever-changing economy. As time goes by, we will
review those goals with you to determine if they have changed or if we are still on track to reach them.
Through out your lifetime you will experience different stages of goals. During the accumulation phase
your portfolio will be made up of companies with long term growth potential and a higher weight
towards equities. As you enter retirement and move into the distribution phase, we will shift your
portfolio to safer investments with a higher allocation to fixed income and income generating stocks.
We would prefer to fill the role of Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for you and your family, helping you
navigate through the various Seasons of life.